enamel wire insulation coatings


Management with Honesty and Trust

The Laws We Observe

According to the government laws and industrial regulations, we promise the quality, labels, services of products, and marketing to be followed with all related laws and international rules. We forbid any deceits, frauds or misleading behaviors that break trust and impair the rights of our partners.

Corporate Ethics

All the staff of the company must follow the government laws as well as internal regulations and procedures. They should strengthen the sense of morality in the company and also be encouraged to report any violation behaviors against the laws or internal regulations.


We make every effort to improve the utilization rate of resources by choosing recycled materials to decrease environmental impacts and make global resources sustainable in use. We follow related regulations and international laws to protect natural surroundings. We achieve this goal through operational activities and internal management.

Green Fu Pao

Environmental Protection

Environmental quality monitoring incessant system for 24 hours that watches production and VOC in surrounding air.

Maintain Environment

Keeping clean surroundings is everyone's duty. That's why we should start from ourselves, Fu Pao Chemical, to do our best to create a beautiful living environment with nice quality.

Green Products

We pass QC080000 System Certificaton, enforce non-harmful material management, and have all products tested by SGS company and certified in production.

Toxicant Management

Fu Pao Chemical follows the toxic substances management regulations and follow the procedures of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and effectively controls the production to assure the safety , prevent the environmental pollution , and fulfill the requirements of the related regulations .

Friendly Workplace

Career Security and Sanitation Lectures

We regularly holds safety and hygiene workshops, promotes the importance of workplace safety, implements related rules in order to avoid staffs' exposure to dangers, prevent the accidents in security and reduce the possibility of the accidents in security to the lowest level.

Career Training and Education

We encourage our staff to improve their abilities and cultivate a sense of achievement at work. Fu Pao Chemical provides various training courses to help employees learn new skills and professional knowledge to keep them in progress.

Health Management

Mental and physical health of the staff is our important basis to succeed. Thus, we create a happy-living workplace and hold internal activities to help staff release pressure and communicate interactively with each other.

Gender Equality

We make efforts to create a friendly workplace for both male and female staff, promoting ideas of sex equality, developing multiple and tolerable workplace, and making female staff feel free to show abilities and express themselves.

Social Responsibilities

Care for Our Neighborhood

We support the community security, maintain local cultures, reach regional balance, and bring harmony and developments in the neighborhood.

Regional Fire Drills

We are so concerned about the fire control that we, in cooperation with the local authorities, hold fire drills regularly with a view to promoting the common sense and alertness of the staff while facing fire and emergencies. We train our staff to cultivate the abilities of self-protection and also the ability to rescue people.

Charitable Events

We regularly sponsor domestic charities, attend the activities of underprivileged groups, and encourage our staff to extend positive energy to the society for the purpose of making more people understand and care for the underprivileged and establishing the harmonious society.


According to the analysis for different conditions such as product features or workplace,
Fu Pao Chemical will meet your needs and look forward to win-win cooperation with you.