enamel wire insulation coatings


Fu Pao practices a long-term professional management in all the series of products of insulating coating for enamel wire and we are also well-known in the industry. We keep a global leader in the research of technology and development about the chemical coating for enamel wire, both in Taiwan and in the global markets.

Let us work hard in the professional field and have extensive career development under FuPao's global expanding projects.

Corporate Culture


Starting from the heart, we are human-oriented, love employees, satisfy customers, and care for society


Mutual Respect, Effective Communication, Sincere Adoration, Attentively Listening , Sincere Unification


Comprehensively Thinking, Vocational Improvements, Process Enhancements, Continuous Research and Developments, Rising Future Expectations

Corporate Policy

Full attendance bonus, , employee birthday allowance, employee bouns every half year, gift award, performance bonus.
Accident insurance, employee dependents health insurance, disability pension, business travel insurance.
Overtime meal allowance.
Employee commuting allowance subsidy.
Group Activities
domestic or foreign travel, time to time gathering dinner, year-end dinner, new year gathering dinner.
Newly-married allowance, maternity subsidy, children education allowance, training subsidy, employee retire planning (including pension and benefits after retirement), employee and family dependents funeral subsidy.
Provide uniforms, physical examination, and occasional relaxing activities.

functional education training

Internal training
New comer training, ISO/IATF system concepts, environmental safety operation training, professional training for all job vacancies, training by various units, annual safety exercise, industrial expert training and counseling.
External training
Second foreign language study, professional developments, education promotion (university, graduate degree), external licenses obtained.

Recruitment Process

First-stage interview:
Candidates will be interviewed by the supervisor of each department about profession, job description...etc.
The supervisor of the Administration Department will briefly introduce corporate organization, benefits, functions, and culture ...etc.
It will take about one week for evaluation. Please wait for notification, and certain positions require second interview.

Second-stage interview:
Candidates will be interviewed by top management. The supervisor of the Administration Department will explain salary structure, benefit conditions and hand-in necessary documents.



According to the analysis for different conditions such as product features or workplace,
Fu Pao Chemical will meet your needs and look forward to win-win cooperation with you.