enamel wire insulation coatings

Our Story


Our story began in 1976, with Taiwan's economy prospering and business settlements gathering, TOTOKU TORYO CO., LTD. took advantage of Taiwan local resources to achieve the idea of “Your Solution Partner For Wire Enamel” and entered international sales markets. That is the start of Fu Pao Chemical. Having been updating and renewing a series of insulation coating products for the past forty years in Taiwan, we have developed various advanced processes and complete product lines so far.

The letter “T” in Fu Pao Chemical trademark represents the unity with TOTOKU GROUP. The color design and wings pattern stand for the circulation of our unique products worldwide.


In the competitive international markets, our professional manufacture and services of enamel wire insulation coatings have cultivated the long-term relationships with our partners.
In order to achieve the goal, we have to work hard in the following directions:

International brand Strategies: Integrate multiple sales channels, promote unique and high-quality product line series, and keep the growth of market share and amount of sales.
Research & Development
R&D Investment: Invest developmental resources, help to create high-quality products and services, and achieve win-win situations by improving the mutual benefits with our supply chains.
Enterprise sustainable development: Seek the truth based on the fact with time, keep investment and growth, and become a well-constructed company providing friendly industrial environment and contributing to the society.


Our mission is to become a long-term, trust-worthy partner in the global enamel wire insulation coating industry.


According to the analysis for different conditions such as product features or workplace,
Fu Pao Chemical will meet your needs and look forward to win-win cooperation with you.