Nano sol series products are dispersed in different organic solvents and can be applied to resins to improve hardness, abrasion resistance, electrical properties, etc. Fupao products have stable quality, can be customized solvent products, customized surface modification, and is able to provide quick supply and services locally.

Product Data

Widely Apply, Greatly Improve.

Improve Hardness

It can significantly improve the hardness or scratch resistance of the resin film by more than 20-30%, without affecting the transparency.

Improve Abrasion resistant

By the characteristics of SiO2, It can improve the abrasion resistance of the surface coating, such as acrylic coating.

Improve Electrical property

By the SiO2, it can reduce the damage caused by corona to the coating and improve electrical resistance.

Improve Heat conductivity

By the thermal conductivity of SiO2, heat energy is transferred to each other to improve heat conductivity.

Anti-Stick on Coating

The nano particles form tiny voids on the surface of the film, and the nano-sized convexity prevent the films from sticking to each other.

Hydrophilic contribution

Applied to optical film or transparent film, it can improve the Hydrophilic of the film without affecting the YI value or haze value.


For many year, to meet various needs of customers and for high-quality products, facing novel industries such as EV, FUPAO takes this opportunity to develop new technologies and products and as well as high-quality products that exceed general environmental protection requirements.

Particle size by DLS, ZETA potential measurement.

BET surface area analysis.


800-1000℃ oven


water content by Karl Fisher

pH meter

Product Data


According to the analysis for different conditions such as product features or workplace,
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