enamel wire insulation coatings

Professional manufacture and services


Fu Pao Chemical produces many kinds of enamel wire coatings to meet partner's different needs, and devotes their efforts to maintaining quality assurance which has passed several international certifications.

Our product lines of enamel wire coatings have been used to home electric appliances, office electric appliances, communication products, various car components, and different capacity invertor motors.

Car parts

Product Name Part Name Use insulating varnish type
Car Air Conditioner Compressor EIW/AI, AI/SB
Fan motor PEW/NY, EIW/AI
Fuel injection control Injector coil EIW, AIW
Fuel pump EIW/AI
Startup device Engine starting device (DC motor) EIW/AI, AIW
Charging device Alternator, Regulator EIW/AI, AIW
Ignition device Distributor EIW, straight welding EIW
Ignition Coil 1 time: EIW, EIW/AI; 2 times: heat resistant UEW
Engine cooling unit (car tank) Water pump EIW/SB, AIW/SB
cooling fan PEW/AI, EIW/AI
Instrument class Tachometer Low temperature soldering UEW
Odometer stepper motor Heat resistant UEW/SB
Relay ----- UEW slipability
Wiper Wiper motor AIW, EIW/AI
Car Speaker horn coil LITZ, UEW/SB
ABS system Transmission (anti-lock brake system) AIW, EIW/AI
Mixed cars Motor engine EIW/AI, AIW/slip AI
Motor engine AI/SB, PIW
Various electric devices Lock door transmission device Heat resistant UEW
Power window EIW/SB, EIW/AI
Auto headlight transformer 1 time: F kind of flat line; 2 times: heat resistant UEW
Power Seat Self-slip PEW, EIW/AI
Rearview mirror motor PEW, heat resistant PEW
Water pump EIW/SB, AI/SB
Windshield Cleaning System Heat resistant UEW
Electric curtains PEW/NY, heat resistant UEW
diesel car fuel jet pump EIW/AI
Solenoid valve PEW/NY
Electric vehicle Drive Motor AIW slipperiness, EIW/AI
Starting the motor EIW/AIPIW

Special Purposes

Product Name Part Name Use insulating varnish type
Inverter energy-saving motor Wind Power, Pumps, Factory Equipment, Electric Vehicles, Elevators EI/AI/AI SL, AI/AI SL

Household appliances

Product Name Part Name Use insulating varnish type
TV Electronic Transformer Heat resistant UEW/NY
Inductance Heat resistant UEW/NY, PE, EIW or heat resistant EIW/SB
vacuum cleaner AC vacuum cleaner motor EIW/AI, EIW/NY, low output power PEW/NY, SEIW/SB
Refrigerator Compressor EIW/AI, H-PEW/AI, EAIW+SB, SEIW/SB
AC, DC fan motor UEW, UEW/NY, PEW/NY
Inverter EIW/AI, PEW/AI
Air Conditioning Inverter EIW/AI, PEW/AI
Wind change motor UEW/NY, heat resistant UEW, EAIW, PEW, NY
Solenoid coil Heat resistant UEW, PEW/NY
Fluorescent Lights Stabilizer Heatproof UEW, UEW/NY, PEW/NY
Inverter Heat resistant UEW, UEW/NY, PEW
Washing Machine Washing machine motor AC, DC PEW/NY, EIW/AI
Inverter Heat resistant UEW, UEW/NY, PEW
Electric fan AC motor UEW, UEW/NY, PEW/NY
Exhaust hood AC motor Heat resistant UEW/NY, PEW/NY, EIW
Electromagnetic heating rice cooker Inducing heating coil SB/EIW, Straight welded EIW or heat resistant UEW (used by wire harness or stranded wire) SEIW/SB
Induction Cooker Inducing heating coil Direct welding EIW, EIW/SB, AI/SB, SEIW/S
Microwave oven Transformer EIW, EIW/SB, PEW, SEIW/SB, AI/SB
Juice machine/stirring, cake machine/bread machine AC motor Heat resistant UEW/NY, PEW/NY. PEW/AI
Water Heater AC motor Heat resistant UEW/NY, PEW/NY
heater AC motor Heat resistant UEW/NY, PEW/NY, PEW/AI
Mobile Vibrator UEW/SB
Sounder UEW/SB, PEW/SB
Digital Sounder UEW/SB, PEW/SB, SEIW/SB
Microphone UEW/SB
Headphone cable UEW/SB
voice circle UEW/SB
Inductance UEW, PEW/NY
Electronic Transformer UEW
Lens drive motor VCM UEW/SB
Wireless charging device Mobile Wireless Charger UEW/SB, EIW/SB
CD, DVD, BD Laser head motor UEW/SB, UEW, UEW/NY
Laser Pickup UEW/SB
clock pointer coil UEW/SB

OA equipment

Product Name Part Name Use insulating varnish type
Office small computer tape device, disk device EIW/AI
HDD (hard disk drive) voice circle UEW/SB
Transitive shaft motor UEW/NY, PEW/NY
Printer Feeding motor UEW/PEW, SEIW
Printing head UEW/PEW
Fax Machine Feeding motor UEW/PEW, SEIW
Printing head UEW/PEW
photocopying machine DC servo motor EIW/SB, AIW
Feeding motor PEW, SEIW
OHP Axial Fan Motor PEW/SB, UEW, EIW
Magnetic card disk chip UEW/SB


According to the analysis for different conditions such as product features or workplace,
Fu Pao Chemical will meet your needs and look forward to win-win cooperation with you.